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Affordable Domain & Hosting Registration in Ghana

Our ultimate goal is to make it possible
for our clients to pay less for better services second to none. We also host web sites designed elsewhere.
.....let us host your web site for you today.


Design Plus Services provides you with feature-packed and affordable web hosting services on the web.
We offer an extensive range of ecommerce and business web hosting plans to meet the needs of any
webmaster for personal, professional, or small business web hosting requirements.

QUALITY: At Design Plus Services as a professional web hosting provider, we use only high quality,
custom-built servers. This is to ensure your website will be hosted on reliable hardware that provide fast
and optimum performance. Cheap hosting service does not always mean cheap hardware! Similarly, all of
our servers are connected to multiple upstream bandwidth providers. This means that if one connection is
down the others will continue to provide the necessary connectivity to your website, which will reduce
downtime to your web site to almost zero.
HONESTY: We believe in providing honest and truthful web site hosting service to all our customers.
What we promised, we will deliver. Unlike many so called cheap hosting companies, we do not oversell
our disk space or bandwidth, and we don’t squeeze unrealistically large number of accounts on the same

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